The incipience of Industrial Engineering and Operation management research group was in the Year 2016 to reflect the shared research interests and strengths of our faculty members. The timing is opportune as for decades; we have aggressively explored various state-of-the-art research areas in industrial engineering and operation management. These include manufacturing system, project management, Lean and Six Sigma, production simulation, quality system, benchmarking, ergonomics, industrial maintenance, strategic management, computer integrated manufacturing and industry safety etc. We are also assiduously mindful of the dynamics of these research areas and purposely review and craft our research areas to be current, industry-relevance and farsighted. This can be seen in the increased incorporation of concepts such as Industry 4.0, knowledge management, artificial intelligence and operational analytics.

We are blessed with strong industry linkages, with active relationships with different companies, of different sizes and businesses (electronics, semiconductor, automotive, food & beverage, services etc). Top the list are SilTerra, BOSE, Flex, Continental, Keysight, BBraun, Qdos, AeroSpirit, Coraza, Jabil, and Proton. The forms of relationships include but not limited to system and product development, problem-solving, training, consultation, empirical and case study, and research supervision.  We continue to explore innovations to bring us closer to industry and vice-versa. 

We are proud to be the recipients of many research grants, including some external and prestige grants, e.g. CREST and E-Science funds.  Thus far, more than 10 Private-public research network (PPRN) grants have been secured. We are also proud to contribute human capitals by graduating more than 20 postgraduates who now already established themselves knowledge experts in various sectors. Other outputs are numerous scientific papers in internationally acclaimed journals and conferences.

Looking forward, we aim to build a synergized research family in hope to capitalize more effectively our expertise for knowledge advancement, industry collaboration and building in nation talent mass.



To become a world-class research group that actively leads, develops and produces prominent and state-of-the-art research, knowledge, innovations, collaborations in the fields of industrial engineering and operation management.



  •  To conduct progressive research and produce M impacts through tangible outputs including product innovation and publications.
  • To establishing good relations with industry and government in order to conduct productive research
  • To be the solution provider to the industry in the areas of industrial engineering and operation management.

 School of Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 14300, Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang

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